Wyoming Dive Flags

Rules for WY divers and boaters

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For Divers in Wyoming


[D]ivers or persons snorkeling shall place a diver’s down flag(s) upon the water in the immediate area of their activity.

The diver’s down flag(s) shall be displayed only when diving or snorkeling is in progress and shall be displayed so as not to impede normal watercraft traffic.

For Boaters in Wyoming

regarding dive flags are like this:

All watercraft operators should be aware that there are two flags used to indicate the presence of a person engaged in diving in the immediate area. The official flag, Alpha, which is blue and white, is internationally recognized for all diving operations. The second flag, is the red flag with a white diagonal stripe. No person shall operate or permit the operation of any motor powered watercraft on the waters of the state of Wyoming within 50 feet of the display of the above described “diver down” flag. All motor powered watercraft approaching such flags shall do so at a no wake speed.

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