Wisconsin Dive Flags

Rules for WI divers and boaters

Here are the state rules, although Wisconsin’s Department of Natural Resources specifically mentions, “Local ordinances may be more restrictive for some activities. Inquire through local boat patrol or municipality.”

For Divers in Wisconsin


  • It is unlawful to scuba dive outside a marked swim area unless the location of the scuba diving is marked by a diver’s flag.
  • Except in case of emergency, anyone engaged in such swimming or diving shall not rise to the surface outside of 50 feet from diver’s flag.
  • The diver’s flag shall not be less than 12 inches high and 15 inches long, displaying one diagonal white stripe 3 inches wide on a red background and must be clearly apparent at a distance of 100 yards.
  • No person diving or swimming shall interfere with someone engaged in fishing.
  • No person shall dive or swim in any established navigation lane.

For Boaters in Wisconsin

It is unlawful: … For any boat or water skier to operate or approach closer than 100 feet to any skin diver’s flag or any swimmer unless the boat is part of the skin diving operation or is accompanying the swimmer.

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