Utah Dive Flags

Rules for UT divers and boaters

For Divers in Utah

According to Utah Rule R651-802, Scuba Diving (as in effect on March 1, 2004), as quoted at and cited by :

  1. A scuba diver shall display a diver’s flag prior to diving activity and shall dive and surface in close proximity to the flag.
  2. No person shall place a diver’s flag on the waters of this state unless diving activity is in progress in that area.
  3. If a diver’s flag is placed after sunset or before sunrise, it shall be lighted.
  4. No person shall place a diver’s flag in any area where boating activity might be unduly restricted.
  5. No scuba diver shall dive in a congested boating or fishing area such as narrow channels, launching or docking areas, or near reservoir outlets.

And according to as of April 2001:

A square, red flag with a white diagonal stripe from one top corner to the opposite bottom corner should be used to indicate the presence of a diver below. A rigid replica of the International Code “A” flag not less than one meter in height may also be used.

For Boaters in Utah

According to as of April 2001:

The operator of any vessel shall not approach within 150 feet of a posted diver’s flag, unless the vessel is part of the equipment in use by the divers.

Utah Scuba Diving Resources

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