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Rules for SC divers and boaters

For Divers in South Carolina

According to the story, (last updated at 7:30 a.m. Monday, September 29, 2003), safety precautions that are recommended but not required by law include:

  • Have someone remain on deck to signal other boats of possible dangers by waving flags to slow boats or direct them to the right or left of the dive boat.
  • Divers are asked to display the flag only when dives are in progress and not when they are moving from one site to the next.

For Boaters in South Carolina

According to the , the South Carolina Boating and Safety Act of 1999, current through the end of the 2003 Regular Session, SECTION 50-21-87:

(A) A person may not operate a vessel within fifty feet of another vessel when a diver is displaying a diver down flag (red with a diagonal white stripe) to mark the location of the diver. When the flag is being displayed in a water body too narrow to allow passage of another vessel other than within fifty feet, a vessel operator may proceed only past the displayed flag at a no-wake speed and allowing as much clearance between his vessel and the displayed flag as is safe and practical.

(B) A person may not engage in diving activities within fifty feet of a vessel whose occupant is fishing.

(C) A person does not violate this section if he fishes or displays a dive flag in an area before another person subsequently engages in diving activities or operates a vessel within fifty feet of a displayed dive flag.

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