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Rules for OK divers and boaters

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For Divers in Oklahoma


Any person diving or submerging in a body of water with the aid of any mechanical diving or breathing device or suit shall place a buoy with a flag in the water at or near the point of submergence or fly a flag from a vessel indicating divers are present, in the following manner:

  1. Either the nationally recognized diver’s flag or Alpha flag may be flown;
  2. When flown from a vessel, at least one flag shall be flown not less than one (1) meter above the highest point of the vessel and shall be visible from a three hundred sixty degree circle;
  3. The buoy, flag or flags shall be in place only while actual diving operations are in progress;
  4. No diving buoys may be closer than one hundred (100) yards to any functional boat ramp or designated swimming area; and
  5. The flag or flags shall be in good condition and legible, and the flag shall be in the extended position so as to be visible to any other vessel.

Note that the state also added this to the law for boaters: “The operator of a vessel shall not be liable for the injury to a diver who surfaces or resurfaces more than one hundred fifty (150) feet from a buoy, flag or flags placed at the point of submergence, as required by subsection A of this section, unless such operator caused the injury as a result of the negligent operation of the vessel.”

For Boaters in Oklahoma


It shall be unlawful for any person to operate a vessel within one hundred fifty (150) feet of a diving buoy except while engaged in the rescue of a person in such area.

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