North Dakota Dive Flags

Rules for ND divers and boaters

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For Divers in North Dakota

The simply states:

The Diver’s Flag must be displayed on a float or buoy during any diving or spear fishing.

The is somewhat more specific:

The International Divers Flag must be displayed on a float or buoy during any underwater spearfishing. It is recommended that divers stay within 100 feet of the flag. It is illegal to display the divers flag when diving or spearfishing is not in progress.

Any person spearfishing between sunset and sunrise shall display a lighted International Divers Flag and carry a hand-held-light which is visible for a distance of 150 feet. The hand-held-light must be displayed when the diver is at the surface.

Scuba divers should not knowingly enter the water within 300 feet of any person engaged in fishing with hook and line. It is recommended that scuba divers display the International Divers Flag while in the water and remain within 100 feet of the flag.

For Boaters in North Dakota

The states:

Operators of boats shall exercise caution and should not approach within 100 feet of a divers flag.

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