New Mexico Dive Flags

Rules for NM divers and boaters

For Divers in New Mexico

Here is information collected and reported to us from a Joe F.:

A vessel engaged in diving must display a blue and white flag (Alpha Flag). A red and white flag carried on a buoy is used to mark areas where diving is in progress, although divers may stray from the boundaries of the marked areas.

Both snorkelers and scuba divers are required to display the diver down flag. There are a couple different divers down flags.

Snorkelers and scuba divers alike are asked not to do dive in areas where there are already numerous boats occupying the space. Further diving should not take place in narrow water ways, as such would restrict watercrafts from passing.

For Boaters in New Mexico

Again, here is information kindly reported to us from Joe F.:

TIP: Divers can be on any body of water so be vigilant for ‘diver down’ flags.

Be sure you know what the ‘diver down’ flags look like. If you see either flag, keep well clear of the vessel and diving site, and move at slow speed (fishermen included).

If you see either flag, keep well clear, at least 150 feet between the flag and your vessel, and move at slow-no-wake speed.

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