Montana Dive Flags

Rules for MT divers and boaters

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For Divers in Montana

MT apparently has no laws or regulations requiring divers to use dive flags.

For Boaters in Montana

According to MT Dive Flag Law (MCA23-2-525 subsection 4a, 4b and 4c):

Restricted Areas. … (4)(a) A person may not purposely, knowingly, or negligently operate a motorboat upon the waters of this state within 200 feet of a tow-float or buoy displaying a “diver-down” symbol, red with a white slash, on a flag.
(b) The motorboat may enter the 200-foot safety zone by use of a sail or oar. In an emergency or if there is insufficient water on either side of the 200-foot safety zone to pass by and stay out of the zone, the operator may use power within the zone but may not exceed no-wake speed. The burden of proving that an emergency exists or that there is insufficient water is on the operator.
(c) The fish, wildlife, and parks commission may by rule determine areas where establishment of a 200-foot safety zone is not allowed in order to provide for diver safety or the regulation of water traffic.

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