Kansas Dive Flags

Rules for KS divers and boaters

Thanks to research by visitor Brandon, here are the Kansas regulations regarding dive flags (“not that anyone would want to dive the muddy waters of Kansas,” adds Brandon, “however we use it for rescue and search and recovery”).

KSA 32-1151

Scuba divers, skin divers, and snorkelers must display a red and white divers flag at or near the point of submergence. Scuba divers must place their flag on a buoy. It is unlawful to display a diver-down flag if diving or spearfishing is not in progress. Boaters should maintain a safe distance between the flag and their vessel. Two types of flags are used to indicate diving activity.

  • A red flag at least 21 inches square with a white diagonal stripe that extends from the top of the hoist to the bottom of the flag is used if on Kansas state waters.
  • A blue and white International Code Flag A (or Alfa flag), at least 3.3 feet (one meter) high and visible from all directions, must be displayed on vessels on federally controlled waters. This flag indicates that a vessel is involved in a diving activity. It may be displayed in addition to the divers flag but does not replace the divers flag.

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