Iowa Dive Flags

Rules for IA divers and boaters

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For Divers in Iowa

The IA Natural Resource Commission, , states:

571-41.10(462A) The diver’s flag.

41.10(1) A red flag with a white diagonal running from the upper left hand corner to the lower right hand corner (from mast head to lower outside corner) and known as the “diver ‘s flag” shall, when displayed on the water, indicate the presence of a diver in the water in the immediate area.

41.10(2) Recognition of this flag by regulation will not be construed as conferring any rights or privileges on its users, and its presence in a water area will not be construed in itself as restricting the use of the water area so marked.

41.10(3) Operators of vessels will, however, exercise precaution commensurate with conditions indicated.

41.10(4) This flag shall be displayed only when diver activities are in progress, and its display in a water area when no diver activities are in progress in that area will constitute a violation of this rule and of Iowa Code chapter 462A.

For Boaters in Iowa

According to , printed in 1998, it is unlawful:

To operate a vessel within 50 feet of a diver’s flag placed in accordance with the rules of the commission, adopted under chapter 17A.

This is true for all navigable waters, which are defined as:

“Navigable waters” means all lakes, rivers and streams, which can support a vessel capable of carrying one or more persons during a total of six months period in one out of every 10 years.

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